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Payroll and employment administration

We provide general employment and payroll administration services and beyond that:

  • We use NEXON which is immediately built in the client's HR and ERP systems via computer connection. All reports generated by NEXON are accepted by the local authorities.
  • E-payslip services allow the employees to access their payslip immediately after monthly payroll processing through their own personalised account. Learn more about the e-payslip service here.
  • Besides the general payroll reports NEXON is capable of providing customized reports as well (and submit to the client via e-mail).
  • Preparation of bank transfer import files for all banks saving valuable time for the client
  • We prepare English and German language management reports, and provide foreign language communication.
  • We also perform social security and family allowance payment centre services.

Our objective is continuous development of web based payroll services, but at the same time we adopt to our clients needs of personal interaction, therefore our colleages are available in any of our offices in Komárom, Budapest or Győr. On request we provide on-site payroll and employment administration services.

Why to choose payroll outsourcing?

Among numerous advantages of payroll outsourcing, the most significant may be cost efficiency.

  • Cost savings in staff salaries- and training
  • No need to purchase or lease costly payroll software
  • Dramatic decrease of administrative burdens
  • No dependency on payroll staff
  • Timelyness knowledge of payroll related laws and regulations
  • No unauthorised access to employee's payroll data